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The story of India’s fastest-growing smoothie chain with Drunken Monkey

Hear Divya dialogue with Samrat Reddy, Founder, Drunken Monkey, on how he built India’s fastest-growing smoothie chain. Drunken Monkey runs on a franchisee model of operation through the country and has signed up over 42 plus outlets in the middle of the pandemic making a total of 100 plus outlets in 43 cities as of this year.

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Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q. What is the gap in the industry you saw when establishing Drunken Monkey?

Q. Was educating the Indian customer to a smoothie brand a challenge? How did you create awareness for the product and market it?

Q. What is the business model of Drunken Monkey?

Q. Was your business hit by COVID or has COVID-19 acted as a catalyst to boost the demand for healthy products such as yours?

Q. If I am a smoothie virgin how should I start to incorporate it in my diet? The benefits etc.?

Q. Speak to us a little bit on this sector, is there a lot of competition? Do you see the market for such niche products like yourself growing in India?

Q.Your biggest struggles/drawbacks when getting into the smoothie business?

Q.Is there a story behind the name of Drunken Monkey?

Q. Looking back, what would you have done differently when establishing Drunken Monkey? Your biggest learning as an entrepreneur?

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